Hey everyone! My name is Kelvin. I was born and raised in Queens, New York. My roots are from the Dominican Republic. I was brought up in a very humble home, where I learned hard work ethic, good morals and principles in family, love and respect.

In my early years I studied fine arts, mostly focusing on portraits and painting, so transitioning to using a camera for me felt natural. I have always had a fascination and interest in all kinds of art. I started my journey in photography in 2019, being self-taught which has been a tough journey as well as a passionate and rewarding one.

Artist Statement

My vision is to provide timeless and quality photos that will hold sentimental value for years to come. I guarentee not only my best efforts but also punctuality, professionalism and respect. I want you to rest assured that your irreplaceable memories are truly in the best hands.

My preferred style of photography is in the form of story telling with a documentary-style element. Whether it's an engagement session, wedding, party/event, lifestyle portraits, or promoting for a brand or business, I want to convey all of your heart-felt emotions through my photos.

The brands I use and trust in the most are Sony and FujiFilm. In my opinion, Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras and G master lenses are some the most proficient in its class and provide some of the best imagery. FujiFilm also stands alone in hybrid digital/film cameras that not only provide excellent lenses but also beautiful color.

To have a knowledge and respect for your work and tools are important for me. The photographer is the artist and their camera is the paintbrush.

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